Helleo Natural Handmade Organic Soaps Series, Made in Crete Greece

Say hello, helleo! 

Helleo Company welcomes all those who wish to switch to a more natural, more qualitative lifestyle. We are a family business with great passion for the cultivation of olive trees and every pure product they can give us. Our origin is from the island of Crete, center of the ancient Minoan civilization, in which the olive tree was considered sacred. With environmental awareness and respect for tradition we cultivate our olive groves near the Palace of Knossos and in the region of Viannos in Heraklion, world known for its microclimate and the excellent quality of olive oil produced. Full of vision and plenty artistry, we try to create natural and traditional products, with a modern and elegant view. So we created helleo handmade soaps series.

Helleo. The whole Crete in Your hands.

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