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The research has shown that polyphenols have a positive impact on health and doctors recommend high consumption of polyphenol sources.

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Ever Heard Of Liquid Gold Well, This Is It! Atsas - Pure Organic Evoo - High Phenolic Content | 100ml & 250ml | Harvest 2023/2024

Pure Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with High Phenolic Content | Rich in Health-Boosting Phenols and Organic Oleocanthal Compound.

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Laudemio Frescobaldi EVOO - Limited Edition Gift Package Tasting Set - Harvest 2023/2024

An elegant package with which to give this extraordinary oil of excellence, but contained in turn in the refined emerald green. Appartenenza box also contains 4 ceramic tasting plates as well as information about the producers. It becomes an even more sophisticated and special gift idea...

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HOLISTON Limited Edition Ultra-Premium Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml - Harvest 2023/2024

HOLISTON EVOO - High Polyphenols Cold Pressed Olive Oil Made of Koroneiki Olives- Unfiltered Olive Oil for Salad Dressing, Dipping and More - Low Acidity (max 0.2%), Organic Agriculture, Early Harvest, Hand Picked, Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Elegant Packaging- 500ml

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