PhenOLIV Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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PhenOLIV Organic 2019 harvest - Highest Phenolic Content Worldwide 2020 - 2563 mg/kg phenols

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil we use in PhenOLIV Organic has an acidity of under 0.5% with strong fruit, bitter and pungent flavors and aromas of greens and citrus. PhenOLIV Protect contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil with very high levels of Polyphenols.

Health Benefits:

Scientific evidence shows that PhenOLIV Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil high in polyphenols protects our health. By enhancing our immune system whilst simultaneously benefiting our heart and blood vessels and lowering our “bad” cholesterol (LDL) PhenOLIV Organic contributes to our vitality, youthfulness, and longevity.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil also helps in the digestion of other fatty substances as it facilitates the secretions of the digestive system and also stimulates the pancreas to secrete digestive enzymes also helping in the metabolism of cholesterol.

PhenOLIV Organic is a source of two important antioxidant ingredients:

Olive Oil Polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress. The health claim can be used for Extra Virgin Olive Oils that contain at least 5mg of hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives (e.g. Oleuropein complex and tyrosol) per 20g of olive oil daily.

a- Tocopherols are naturally found in olive oil and have a strong antioxidant effect, provide vitamin energy and contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. We add natural a-tocopherols (Vitamin E: 36.15mg per 100g of PhenOLIV Organic) to PhenOLIV Organic to help preserve the sensitive polyphenols in our product throughout its life.

Part of our profits goes to supporting research at the non-profit organization “World Olive Centre for Health” which works to identify and research the health benefits associated with Olive Oil Polyphenols.

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